G01 - Valley of de Tuela River

Geographical coordinates: 41⁰ 42’ 31.5’’ N; 7⁰ 06’ 41.4’’ W

Altitude: 421 m

Parish: Lamalonga

Description: Valley in cannon, provoked by the accentuated  joint of the  Tuela River, which can go to a maximum depth of 300 m. The river is embedded in the Granite's of Lebução and Rebordelo which arise in their margins. It is possible to observe in a detailed way the granitic morphology. It is the only place in County of Macedo de Cavaleiros, where the Tuela River assumes an embedded character, forming a fluvial cannon, by antecedence process. The place contains aesthetic value and there are cultural elements (hydroelectric  exploitation) associated with the geo-morphological characteristics of the place.

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